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Japanese Faith Course
Part 2

Who Has The Power To Help?


Kojiki and Jesus
JPF Lesson 2

JPF Lesson 2


The Japanese Faith Course is a Discussion

Please remember the Japanese Faith Course is a discussion centered experience. I am not a teacher who is telling you what to think or how to live. I am coming to you in humility, simply sharing some observations in hopes of opening a dialogue. My observations are not "right," they are a launching point to discussing a vastly interesting and challenging topic. 



Therefore, my hope is that you hear my observations with an open curiosity, and discuss them with friends and family. It would be best to gather a few people, play the short video, and use the questions below to generate a free discussion of ideas.


JFC Part 2 Questions

1. Have you ever prayed to a spirit? WHO DID YOU PRAY TO, and why? (Kami, ancestors, Creator, other)
1. あなたは今までに霊に祈ったことがありますか?誰に、そしてなぜ祈りましたか?(カミ、先祖、創造主、その他)

2. Of all the spirits you could pray to, is it possible that your Creator, the Great Glorious Center of Heaven, has the MOST POWER to help you? If not, who has more power to help you and why?
2. あなたが祈ることができるすべての霊の中で、あなたの創造主、天の偉大な栄光の中心があなたを助けるために最も力を持っているということはありえますか?もしそうでないなら、誰があなたを助ける力をもっと持っていますか。

3. Is it surprising that your Creator wants you to build a relationship with Him? How might you build that relationship?
3. 創造主があなたと関係を築くことを望んでいるのは、驚くべきことですか?どのようにその関係を築くことができますか?

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