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Japanese Faith Course
Part 7

Jesus Knows the Giri/Honne Struggle

JFC Part 7

JFC Part 7


The Japanese Faith Course is a Discussion

Please remember the Japanese Faith Course is a discussion centered experience. I am not a teacher who is telling you what to think or how to live. I am coming to you in humility, simply sharing some observations in hopes of opening a dialogue. My observations are not "right," they are a launching point to discussing a vastly interesting and challenging topic. 



Therefore, my hope is that you hear my observations with an open curiosity, and discuss them with friends and family. It would be best to gather a few people, play the short video, and use the questions below to generate a free discussion of ideas.


JFC Part 7 Questions

1. Being selfish, choosing to not do what we know is right, is phrased as one simple word, “sin.” We have all done this occasionally. Shame is the result. Do you feel any shame for previous actions you took?

1. 自分勝手であること、正しいと思うことをしないことを選択することは、"罪 "という一言で言い表されます。私たちは皆、時折これを行ったことがあります。その結果、恥をかくのです。あなたは、自分がした過去の行為に恥を感じますか?


2. The complex “unwritten rules” of living as a Japanese person are burdensome. The struggle to maintain wa and giri is on the minds of every Japanese citizen. Are you surprised to find that Jesus personally knows this struggle, and came to help us with it? How does this make you feel about Jesus? Are you curious to learn how Jesus says He can help?

2. 日本人として生きるための複雑な「不文律」が重くのしかかってくる。和と義を保つために、日本人の誰もが頭を悩ませている。イエス様がこの苦労を自ら知っていて、私たちを助けるために来てくださったことに驚きましたか?あなたはイエス様についてどのように感じますか?イエス様がどのように助けてくださるのか、知りたくなりましたか?

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