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your donation is safe & tax deductible

We are an experienced ministry handling large donations since 2010. I am not only a pastor, but I have spent a lifetime as a business executive.  My early career was in corporate finance--I know how to handle money responsibly and ethically.  Not only will your donation be to a tax deductible, certified 501(c)(3) charity, but it will be safe and accurately disbursed.

We are all volunteer.  No overheads. Every nickel you donate goes to the field.

When you click the DONATE button, you will be directed to PayPal Giving Fund under the charity name Heart For God. There are no fees, so 100% of your giving goes directly to the effort to bring the Gospel to Japan.


Spreading the Gospel Since 2010


Heart For God

We are a Gospel-centered, Gospel spreading ministry focused on "The Unreachables." Our primary ministries:

  • New Hampshire: The least churched state in the US, and not coincidentally, the epicenter of heroin death toll.  On the streets, marketplaces and  rescue missions, spreading love and the kindness of Jesus Christ.

  • Rural Remote Africa: financing and coaching small business start-ups to grow profits which support local Christian ministries.

  • 10-40 Window in Middle-East: reaching millions with the Gospel each month through Facebook evangelism on cell phones.

  • Japan: Our latest burden is to reach the enigmatic first-world nation whose statistic of 1% Christians is lower than nearly every nation in the world. 

Heart For God is an IRS 501(c)(3) charity

Tax ID: 27-4083975

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Hayari Cha

In the same decade in the 1500's Christianity landed in Japan and Brazil.  Today, Brazil is 85% Christian and Japan remains at 1%.  Every major evangelist has tried.  There are no laws against Christianity in Japan.  Indeed Christianity has a good reputation within Japan.  Hundreds of missionaries live in the culture full time.  Yet the statistic has remained at 1%.  We believe that God has revealed the way to break through the Japanese barriers to Christianity.  Hayari Cha.  Let's make this happen together!  Oda Nobunaga, the great unifier of Japan, would be proud of us as we unify to bring the Gospel to Japan.  Leave your sandals at the door and please take a moment to walk in with a donation.  May God bless you richly!

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Chestnut Hill Chapel

Pastor Randy Loubier

219 Chestnut Hill Rd

New Boston, NH 03070

(603) 472-2709

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