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Japanese Faith Course
Part 1

Japan's Forgotten Creator


JFC Lesson 1

JFC Lesson 1

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The Japanese Faith Course is a Discussion

Please remember the Japanese Faith Course is a discussion centered experience. I am not a teacher who is telling you what to think or how to live. I am coming to you in humility, simply sharing some observations in hopes of opening a dialogue. My observations are not "right," they are a launching point to discussing a vastly interesting and challenging topic. 



Therefore, my hope is that you hear my observations with an open curiosity, and discuss them with friends and family. It would be best to gather a few people, play the short video, and use the questions below to generate a free discussion of ideas.


JFC Part 1 Questions

1. Are you surprised to find that your ancestors wrote about the Creator and man’s fall to impurity in a way that is nearly identical to the Bible, long before the Bible was known in Japan?
1. 聖書が日本で知られるずっと前に、あなたの先祖が創造主と人間の不純への転落について、聖書とほぼ同じ方法で書いていたことに驚きましたか?

2. Since your ancestors and the Bible agree, independently, could they be right that a Creator God exists? Or, are you willing to say your ancestors were wrong?
2. あなたの先祖と聖書が、独立して一致しているのですから、創造主の神が存在するというのは正しいことなのでしょうか?それとも、ご先祖様が間違っていたと言えるのでしょうか?

3. What does this mean to you personally? Are you curious to learn more?
3. このことは、あなた個人にとってどのような意味があるのでしょうか?もっと知りたいと思いますか?

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