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Japanese Faith Course
Part 10

Jesus Reveals the Hidden Creator

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JFC Part 10

JFC Part 10

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The Japanese Faith Course is a Discussion

Please remember the Japanese Faith Course is a discussion centered experience. I am not a teacher who is telling you what to think or how to live. I am coming to you in humility, simply sharing some observations in hopes of opening a dialogue. My observations are not "right," they are a launching point to discussing a vastly interesting and challenging topic. 



Therefore, my hope is that you hear my observations with an open curiosity, and discuss them with friends and family. It would be best to gather a few people, play the short video, and use the questions below to generate a free discussion of ideas.


JFC Part 10 Questions

1. Are you surprised that Jesus came to reveal the hidden Creator? It might seem like He came to start a religion, but it was nearly the opposite of that, to offer a personal, joyous, spiritual rebirth, so you could know the Creator (and the other two Gods).
1. あなたは、イエスが隠された創造主を明らかにするために来たことに驚いていますか?宗教を始めるために来られたように見えるかもしれませんが、それはほとんど逆で、個人的な、喜びのある、霊的な生まれ変わりを提供し、創造主(と他の二つの神)を知ることができるようにするためだったのです。

2. Being born of the Spirit isn’t achievable on our demand. Furthermore, it is something that happens while you are alive (not after death). Are you surprised to find that it is a spiritual transformation that Jesus can allow you to have which reveals the hidden Creator, provides joy and power to live in wa/giri, and that few find it? Are you curious how you might pursue it?
2. 御霊によって生まれることは、私たちの要求では達成できません。さらに、それはあなたが生きている間に起こることです(死後ではありません)。隠れた創造主を明らかにし、喜びとワ/ギリに生きる力を与える、イエスがあなたに持たせることができる霊的変化であり、それを見つける人はほとんどいないことに驚きましたか?それをどのように追い求めることができるか、興味がありますか?

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