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Japanese Faith Course
Part 3

Prayers And Faith Are in Our Honne


JPF Lesson 3

JPF Lesson 3

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The Japanese Faith Course is a Discussion

Please remember the Japanese Faith Course is a discussion centered experience. I am not a teacher who is telling you what to think or how to live. I am coming to you in humility, simply sharing some observations in hopes of opening a dialogue. My observations are not "right," they are a launching point to discussing a vastly interesting and challenging topic. 



Therefore, my hope is that you hear my observations with an open curiosity, and discuss them with friends and family. It would be best to gather a few people, play the short video, and use the questions below to generate a free discussion of ideas.


JFC Part 3 Questions

1. In your opinion, is there a certain topic that must always be exposed to everyone? Or, is it fair to say that you have the right to choose to keep your prayers and thoughts about faith safely hidden in your honne?
1. あなたの意見では、常に皆の前にさらされなければならない特定のトピックがあるのでしょうか?それとも、自分の祈りや信仰に関する考えをホンネの中に安全に隠しておくことを選択する権利があると言えますか?

2. Do you agree that prayer can be made anytime, anywhere? Do you already pray at other times, in addition to when you are at the shrine?

3. Are you open to praying to Amenominakanushi the next time you want to pray? If not, what makes you feel uncomfortable about it?

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