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Come Visit Us

Spend a weekend with us at The Tea House, in our gardens and chapel learning about the magnificence of knowing Jesus as a Japanese man or woman.

It will be a peace and joy-filled experience you will never forget.

Now That You Know How Special You Are

It's time to EXPERIENCE Japanese Faith!

Japanese Faith Lives!

Come For a Weekend, Worth a Lifetime

We will explore how you can live as a Japanese Christian:

fully Japanese and fully alive in the joy of Jesus Christ.


  • How will you practice your faith when most of your family doesn't agree or know?

  • How can you grow your faith and not be ostracized from your family and friends?

  • How can you develop a relationship with Jesus that privately blossoms your smile?

  • How will you answer if someone questions your decision to ask Jesus into your nakama?

  • How do you recognize a healthy church, avoid the cults, and grow with a Japanese Christian community?

  • What does the Bible say about honoring your ancestors? (you may be pleasantly surprised)

  • And many more questions and answers.


An Organic Holy Spirit Experience

We do not live stream this event--your faith journey is private.


Japanese Faith Lives!

Presented in English and Japanese

Saturday 9am-5pm (lunch included)

Sunday 10am-3pm (lunch included)

Cost: Free. God is providing you with the gift of faith.

Location: Chestnut Hill Chapel, 219 Chestnut Hill Rd, New Boston, NH 03070



Review our FAQ's below. If you have other questions email


What do I need to have accomplished prior to coming?

It would be ideal if you have reviewed the Japanese Faith Course on this website. Much of what we will be discussing will assume that you are familiar with the ways in which Jesus taught Wa, Purity, Giri, and Knowing One's Place.


Is this a cult?

No. Indeed, one of the teachings we will cover is how to recognize and avoid cults. I have no organization to join. Just as I did in the Japanese Faith Course you have already completed, I will be encouraging you to maintain your relationship with God himself, through the Word, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 


Do I need to be a Christian to attend?

No. But you must be curious. Just as with the Japanese Faith Course in which I asked you to remain curious, to attend the Japanese Faith Lives! weekend, I am asking you to be curious. Great scientists stay curious with a fully open mind. We cannot know everything. And we certainly cannot know Jesus without...well, you'll have to attend to find out.


Travel suggestions?

We have two local airports within one hour: Boston and Manchester. Hotels are available within 15 minutes in Manchester and Merrimack. You will need to rent a car. You may want to consider extending your stay. Boston is one of the most historic cities in the US; our country first fought for freedom in Boston. Plus world class shopping is available on Newbury Street.


Why is this Free? Will you ask us for money when we are there?

This is free because God has asked me to love you and help you find your way to him. I will not ask for money when you are here. Please consider this is a giri-free gift, but if you feel you must repay, please help someone else later. God provides me with all I need.


Can I attend in a wheelchair? 

We do not recommend attending in a wheelchair. While our chapel is handicap accessible, the gardens and the tea house are not. You would miss a significant portion of the experience. Course participants should be able to walk .5 to 1 kilometer, on uneven ground.


Will I be safe?

Our location is very safe. We are located in a small town of just 5,000 people. Our neighborhood cares for each other much like a Japanese small town. Furthermore, crime is very low in our entire state. If you travel to Boston, prudence is advised--it is a large city so crime exists. However, the tourist areas are considered quite safe.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

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