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A Japanese Awakening To Love

For 450 years Japan has been slowly brewing.  The lid to the brew pot has recently been opened and the nation is ready to live in the revelations of The Tea Room Scrolls.  From Okinawa to Asahikawa, Japan will see with new eyes and hear with new ears the mysteries of Christ. 

Throughout Japan, people are discovering that Jesus' teachings are a perfect fit with the culture and traditions of Japan.  The Samurai's powerful selfless servitude, the garden lessons of harmonious uniqueness, the tea ceremony of practiced humble perfection, the Wa of others first. 


Until now, Japan has not recognized how close they live to the Kingdom of God.  Moreover, the mysteries of Christ have been vandalized by the western veneration of self, leaving Japan, an untainted world superpower, to lead the globe back to a proper relationship with God the Father.

But first...hayari cha...the awakening will spread through the Japanese people all over the world.

Hayari Cha

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The Way of Hayari Cha



  • Gather Names

  • Raise Funding


Phase 1

  • Distribute Free Books

  • Introduce eLearning


Phase 2

  • Social Events

  • Media Blitz

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Is Japan Disinterested?

"It's Been 1% Forever!"

Jesus' love is spreading! Japan is His nation to change! When He says the tea is fully brewed, He calls us to get involved in spreading His love!

How Can Love Become Popular?

Social waves happen because people get curious about something that somebody else is enjoying.  The Japanese concept of Wa makes it difficult to start something new; we do not want to disrupt Wa by doing something "on the fringe" of society.

On the other hand, Wa makes it easy for large social waves to sweep through Japan once it becomes hayari (popular).  It is time for love to become hayari.  Jesus' love for the Japanese people will become hayari, and it will start with a social wave.  You and I are going to get it started, in a coordinated manner.  We will gather 20,000 Japanese people living in Japan to agree to start this social wave, together, on the same day.  And we will gather another 50,000 around the world.

When we are ready, all 20,000 will be shipped a free copy of Slow Brewing Tea (Nihongo version).  Then for the next months they will post about it on social media, read it on the train, carry it in the city, read it in coffee shops.  Your friends, family and co-workers will feel like they are seeing Slow Brewing Tea everywhere and wondering what they are missing out on! 

Who is paying for this?

We don't know.  God knows.  He has already picked out donors who are invested in His Japanese awakening to the love of Jesus. Please spread the word in your  community.  Send them this page.  We are estimating it will take $300,000.  All donations will go to the cost of distributing the books.  Nobody in this effort is paid--every hour donated. 

Why Slow Brewing Tea?

Slow Brewing Tea - Top Down New 2.0.png
  1. Slow Brewing Tea is a novel with cover text of "A love story and spiritual adventure."  A novel is easy to share.

  2. It is set in Japan, involves Oda Nobunaga, and is honoring of the Japanese culture. It illustrates how Japan is a better fit to Jesus' teaching than western nations.

  3. It is reverse cultural: a Japanese follower of Jesus leads an American to the love of Jesus.

  4. It is a delightful love story of the heart, and it is God's epic love story of the soul.

  5. Written in the first person, the reader is "inside the mind" of Isaiah, a resolved non-Christian.  That alone is fascinating to read, but Isaiah is relatable to 99% of Japan.

  6. God's whispering of His love, His beckoning to accept His love is communicated throughout, giving the reader many opportunities to respond. 

    • Those who already know Jesus' fall deeper in love.

    • Those who haven't yet tasted the tea are wooed by God to get closer over time, to brew slowly along with Isaiah, and respond with him.

  7. The reader discovers a new, uniquely Japanese way to study more about Jesus' love for Japan, The Tea Room Scrolls.  These Japanese studies will guide and disciple them to discover the love and mysteries of Jesus in a familiar Asian context. 

The Tea Room Scrolls 7 Volumes Logo 2.0

Let's connect with

20,000 people in Japan!


50,000 everywhere else!

We Can Do This!


Why Randy Loubier?

Honestly, I've wrestled with this question.  I am a nobody, and happy as such.  Even in business I am a "behind the scenes" kind of executive.

I can't explain why God put this burden in me.  I am confident that He chose me to tell Japan that He loves them.  I know God wants Japan to experience His love.  So, I am simply being obedient to follow His actions as He tells me.  I didn't want to write a novel, I don't need to sell books (this is a book giveaway), and I didn't choose to wake up every morning excited that Japan is going to fall in love with Jesus.  Yet, He works in His ways, in His timing.  I follow.


Even as a pastor, I don't often speak for God.  I believe in His gifts and marvel at His miracles frequently, but I can't bear the thought of getting His message wrong.  50 years of being against Him left me with a fear of being wrong about Him.  If you could have been with me during the three years I went back to Him every day to make sure I was getting His message right in Slow Brewing Tea...  If you knew my naturally shy personality...  If you saw me at my weak points, and heard God meet me with multiple prophecies... you would know I pen the following with Paul's words in mind "I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling"...


"Japan will know my love.  It is time."

thus says the Lord

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