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Is Slow Brewing Tea Autobiographical?

To some degree, yes.

Do you remember Billy from Slow Brewing Tea? He was Isaiah’s closest friend. He was stationed down near Tokyo during the same years Isaiah was up north in Misawa. Also, Billy stayed in the Air Force and was later stationed at Misawa, just in time for Isaiah and Billy to have their 10yr reunion back in Japan.

Well, here is a picture of the real life Billy.

You can see from the side of the print, this was 1979. We had just celebrated sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji.

Here’s the six of us who made the climb to the top of Fuji-san. My friend Jim, on the right, had his camera around his neck. We were both into photography. My Canon A-1 (also in Slow Brewing Tea) was in my backpack.

Billy and I are still friends today, in real life. It is also true that he stayed in the Air Force and was later stationed in Misawa.

Sadly I never made it back to Japan. I truly always wanted to go back. I am sure now that God had me write Slow Brewing Tea, and has revealed His heart to me that He intends to create a great awakening in that nation, I will be going to Japan soon.

It will be an exciting time for me just to set my feet on that soil again. This time, rather than representing the US Air Force, I will be an ambassador for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

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