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Remember Joe from Slow Brewing Tea?

People ask me if Slow Brewing Tea is autobiographical. My answer is “loosely.” The attitude and personality of Isaiah is mine.

And some of the characters and scenes are real.

Remember Joe? Real.

Joe was an MP up on the roof of the elephant cage—the spy station (see pic below that, by the way, Joe was never supposed to take!) where we were listening in on coded messages from Russia. The Cold War was at a peak. Real.

Joe opens the novel by coming home to the barracks excited that the Russians were up to ”something big.” Real.

Joe stayed behind while I went to the festival in Hirosaki because he had to find out about what Russia was up to. Fiction about Joe missing the festival. Real about both of us being excited to find out what the Russians were up to.

The Russians invaded Afghanistan and we were the first Americans to know it was about to happen. Real.

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