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Freethinking Jesus

Freethinking Jesus


I am an independent freethinker.  Perhaps you are too.  If so, you are going to enjoy this journey.  Sit down, strap in, open your mind, and prepare to free-think truth in a way you never expected.


I don’t want you to “believe in” anything.  I don’t want you to be persuaded to anyone’s opinion, including mine.  This isn't a book about religion, it is about pursuing a rational viewpoint.  This book is about facts I wish someone had told me long ago.  What you do with the facts will be up to you. 


You stand at a crossroads with this book in your hands.  Atheist to Christian, Muslim to Buddhist: take courage.  You will never think the same again.


Think logically.  Think free.  Enjoy.



A systematic review and analysis of historical facts, illogical conclusions, and logical conclusions surrounding Jesus.” 

“This book is awesome! It is exactly what the science minded needs to see Jesus logically!! Most people think science and religion are at odds with each other, but the author gives a clear logical path to see that Jesus probably is who he claimed he was. Must read.”

“This is a tough subject for believers and non-believers. Believers because we usually don't feel prepared to defend our faith, and non-believers because there is a tendency to avoid discussing religion with the religious like the plague!  Freethinking Jesus prepares both for a discussion and for understanding. This is a great book to pave the way and open minds.”