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Slow  Brewing Tea

Randy Loubier



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This novel is a quest through the deep valleys and high peaks of a land you have never seen.  It is a tea steeped in lingered love, with a rich flavor you have never tasted. 

Quests take time, and they change us.  We may return home geographically, but never the same person.  If you resolve to join Isaiah on his quest, his thoughts, frustrations, defeats, and victories will become yours. 

You may choose to leave the quest early or discard the tea before it’s ready, but you will always wonder why… why judging a man before walking a thousand miles with him tastes weak, under brewed, immature…and why those who finish the journey report such gracious glories!

If you are curious enough to start the quest, I encourage you to endeavor heartily!

May your thousand miles finish sweetly with the untold joy of conquering a summit and celebrating with a cup of fully matured, slow brewing tea!

“It’s hard to describe this novel. It is a love story, but not like you’ve ever read before because it’s so much more. Its deep intellectually, but in a way that is captivating. You just can’t put it down. Watching the main character develop over time is fascinating.

G.B. Amazon, India



Slow Brewing Tea


“This is a journey I highly recommend taking! …it is almost impossible not to fall in love with a dynamic Japanese family that has an unconditional love and wisdom ready for you to receive. The images painted within each scene are profoundly inviting. I found my heart engrossed in each person and environment as if I were living through Isaiah’s skin.


This is a story that relates to readers on many grounds - those of us who have pains that need reconciliation, or who have introspective questions tied to emotions, faith, and quest for truth.


I find this book to be a testimony worthy of serious attention. A western world has been thirsting for a vision that can adequately blend our practice of worship with the depths of Asian culture and philosophy; this slowly brewed tea will satisfy.”

Slow Brewing Tea

Isaiah set off on a ten-day motorcycle adventure in northern, rural Japan.  His quest, at the age of twenty, was to photograph the quiet mysterious culture, meet a Japanese woman and find The Tao (the way).  He took stunning photographs, fell deeply in love with an extraordinary Japanese woman and found an old man willing to teach him the way, the truth and the narrow gate.  Over the next forty years Isaiah’s life tumbles through lessons of pain and redemption, loss and victory in search of a path of unconditional love and faith.

Be transformed by a journey into traditional Japan, a mystical land of tea ceremonies, Japanese gardens, rich culture and unexpected spiritual revelations. 

Slow Brewing Tea is an epic spiritual adventure and a touching love story that will compel you to look deeper at your relationships with your God, your spouse and the path beneath your feet.

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